Street names: K, Special K, Vitamin K, Kit Kat, Green, Ket

Similar drugs: PCP (Angel Dust)

Drug type: Dissociative - which means it blocks signals to your brain and feels like your conscious and unconscious minds aren't connected.

Is Ketamine illegal in the UK?

Legal status: Ketamine is a class B drug as of 10th June 2014. The maximum sentence for possessing it is five years in prison. The maximum for dealing is 14 years in prison, plus receive a hefty fine.

What is Ketamine?

What is it? Ketamine is a powerful anaesthetic. It is used legally in animal and human medicine to make people unconscious before an operation.  It can come as a white powder, or in tablet or liquid form.


What does ketamine do to you? What are the effects of Ketamine?

How it can make you feel: The effects of Ketamine vary, it can make you feel energetic and high at first. It speeds up your heart rate and increases your blood pressure. Some people can have 'out of body experiences' (sometimes called 'k-holing') or hallucinations.

Because ketamine blocks your nerves, it can make you feel numb causing temporary loss of feeling, and affect your coordination. It can also make you feel and be sick. All of these effects depend on how much you take. The more you take the more effects you will experience.

What are the risks & side effects of Ketamine?

The risks: Feeling numb or 'detached' from reality means you're more likely to have an accident. You could also lose consciousness and choke on your own vomit. Other side effects of Ketamine are that it can cause flashbacks and memory problems too.

If you mix Ketamine with other drugs, particularly depressant drugs, your body could shut down completely: your heart and breathing could stop.

Ketamine image courtesy of Talk to Frank, Crown Copyright.