Street names: Acid, Trips, Tabs, Felix, Microdots, Strawberries, Drop, Flash, Lucy, Liquid Acid

Similar drugs: Magic mushrooms, Mescaline

Drug type: Hallucinogenic

Is LSD illegal?

Legal status: LSD is a class A drug. You could go to prison for seven years for possessing it and get life for dealing it, plus a hefty fine.

What is LSD?

What is it? LSD comes from a fungus called Ergot, which is found growing in the wild. It's a white powder, but on the streets it normally comes in liquid form dropped on to sugar cubes or blotting paper, which you swallow. It can also come in capsules or tiny tablets called Microdots.

What are common LSD effects?

How it can make you feel: The effects of LSD vary, it can make you hallucinate. Familiar objects or people may become distorted. This can either be funny or frightening - it depends on your mood and environment. These effects can begin after 30 minutes and last between eight and 12 hours.

Your heart rate can increase, your pupils can dilate and you may get hot and cold flushes too.

LSD risks & side effects - The dangers of LSD

The dangers of LSD: There is no stopping a trip once it starts - and they can be frightening. You can even get repeated horrible flashbacks after the event.

You're at greater risk of having an accident, and may become paranoid.

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