Drug type: Stimulant

Street names: Crank, crystal meth, yaba, glass, meth, ice

What is crystal meth?

What is it? Methamphetamine is part of the amphetamine family of drugs which stimulate the brain and central nervous system. It can be swallowed, snorted or injected. The crystal form of methamphetamine, sometimes called crystal meth (Crystal Methamphetamine) or Ice, is extremely powerful and addictive.

Is Methamphetamine (crystal meth) illegal?

Legal status: It is a class A drug. Possessing it is illegal and can result in up to seven years in jail and/or an unlimited fine. Supplying, even to your friends, can get you up to life imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine.

Common crystal meth effects

How it can make you feel: Common 'crystal meth' effects last longer than speed (another stimulant). It can make users feel alert and awake, with feelings of exhilaration. It can also give feelings of paranoia, agitation and can make people aggressive. The crystal form gives a very intense high, followed by a severe comedown.

Methamphetamine risks

The risks: Methamphetamine is very addictive. Because it can lower your inhibitions, you could end up doing things you dont want to do. Evidence is reported that long-term methamphetamine use can cause brain damage, although this can slowly get better if the user stays off the drug for a long time.

Methamphetamine image courtesy of The Home Office and Talk to Frank, Crown Copyright.