Street names: NRG-1, NRG1, Energy-1, Energy1, Rave

Similar drugs: Mephedrone, Amphetamine (speed), Ecstasy (MDMA)

Drug type: Stimulant

Is Naphyrone illegal?

Legal status: Naphyrone and its related compounds used to be legal, but became Class B drugs in July 2010.

If you're caught with Naphyrone, you could go to prison for five years. Anyone dealing Naphyrone faces a maximum of 14 years in jail, plus a hefty fine.

What is Naphyrone?

What is it? Naphyrone is a fine white, off-white or yellow powder. You usually snort it likecocaine or swallow it in wraps of paper.

It used to be sold on the internet, where it was normally advertised as 'plant food' or a 'research chemical'. Now these sites have been closed down, although dealers still sell Naphyrone illegally.

What does Naphyrone do to you?

How it can make you feel: Naphyrone effects vary, it can make you feel euphoric, very alert, empathetic and talkative. However it can make some people feel anxious and paranoid.

The risks: Because Naphyrone hasn't been used as a drug for a long time, there hasn't been much formal research into how risky it is.

However, it is very likely that Naphyrone effects are similar to drugs of the same type. That means it could cause you to have a fit or your heart beat and breathing to become irregular, as well as anxiety and paranoia. It's also very likely to be addictive.