Street names: Rolex tablets, 4 leaf clover tablets, Mind Kandy, Xtacy Ultra, Doves red, Doves red ultra, E=XTC

Drug type: It is a very toxic stimulant and has been found in tablets that may
look like ecstasy and 'legal highs'. Some products claiming to be 'legal highs' have also been found to contain PMMA.

Legal status: PMMA is a Class A drug. You could go to prison for seven years for possessing it and get life for dealing it, plus receive a hefty fine.

What is PMMA?

What is it? PMMA is present in pink tablets with a Rolex Crown logo and white tablets with a four-leaf clover logo. PMMA has also been identified in powder form too and it is possible that PMMA will be present in many other illicit products and tablets with other logos.

Effects of PMMA

What are the effects of PMMA? How it can make you feel? PMMA is a party drug which mimics the effects of Ecstasy. But the stimulant effects of PMMA are not as potent as MDMA (ecstasy) so users may feel inclined to take more, thereby increasing the risk of a fatal overdose.

The risks: There are many dangers of PMMA, since last summer, PMMA has been responsible for 19 deaths on the European mainland.