Drug type: Tranquilliser

Street names: Roofies, the Date Rape Drug, Rophies, Roach, Rope, R2, Mexican Valium

What is Rohypnol?

What is it? Rohypnol is a pharmaceutically produced drug which is used in the treatment of sleep disorders. It has sedative-hypnotic effects which relax muscles and cause amnesia.

Is Rohypnol legal?

Legal status: Rohypnol is a class C drug. It can only be bought legitimately with a prescription in the UK and it is not illegal to possess the drug if it has been obtained in this way. However supplying Rohypnol without authority is illegal and Class C penalties apply (maximum 14 years imprisonment and/or fine).

What are the effects of Royhpnol?

How it can make you feel: The effects of Rohypnol are sedative, it can make you very sleepy and cause you to forget what has happened.  It is alleged that some men have slipped the drug into the drinks of young women who either then pass out or experience short-term memory loss and are then vulnerable to sexual exploitation and rape.

The risks: Rohypnol use can cause dependence. Once dependence has developed, then stopping use can cause a range of problems including headaches, muscle pain, extreme anxiety, restlessness, confusion, and irritability.