Family Intervention Team

Update note: 11th December 2018

Our current Family Innovation Fund (FIF) contract ends in March 2019. Essex County Council is continuing to commit to early intervention and now in the process of awarding FIF Grants for 1st April 2019. However, because of developments in early help services, for example the newly established Family Hubs, together with significant financial challenges, the funding has been reduced and the FIF model adapted accordingly.

Parenting, Counselling and Mediation services will not be recommissioned from 2019. Therefore providers delivering this support will stop taking referrals for those FIF funded services with immediate effect. This will ensure providers can conclude any work with children, young people and families by the end of our contracts in March 2019.

Essex County Council continue to invest a substantial amount of funding to deliver early help through a range of other provision, including the Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service and referrers should continue to use their local directory of services to access different pathways of support.

This service delivers early help and support for parents, carers and families struggling with a child's challenging behaviour/s.

Commissioned by Essex County Council this service operates across Mid, South and West Essex.

Working at an early intervention level with families who are struggling with a child’s challenging behaviour, inputting boundaries, relating to their children, or understanding behaviours. We deliver evidence based parenting programmes and work with families holistically to improve parenting capacity, the behaviour and chances of children and young people through creating awareness, sharing knowledge, building resilience and enhancing skills within local communities.

How we do this

  • Assess Family’s needs to tailor appropriate support
  • Keyworker support for the whole family
  • Action plan created to reflect individual and family’s needs
  • Realistic, achievable and reviewable goals
  • We use solution focussed approaches
  • Pre and post programme support
  • Access to self-sustaining support groups
  • Signposting to other required/necessary agencies.

We work in partnership with The Ministry of Parenting to provide:

  • The incredible years programme – A universal 12 week programme for parents whose children may be at risk of behavioural or emotional problems.
  • The STOP programme - For parents of teens and pre-teens a universal 12 week programme based on social learning theory.

We also work closely with schools, colleges, GP’s, children’s centre, choices and local voluntary sector organisations.

Please note we are unable to support families who are currently or have been supported by statutory services as we are a Tier 2 early intervention service.